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  • This stage can get a little confusing but I hope to simplify as much as possible. The Headroom plugin requires a large amount of CSS, but unfortunately this isn’t clarified on the plugin’s homepage. My demo CSS file is split into different code sections and towards the bottom you’ll find a whole bunch of animations and keyframes using CSS3 properties.

    08/12 2
  • First we need a local copy of the Headroom.js script which you can download from the plugin website or from the Github repo. I’m using the minified version but they both contain the same exact code. Now the initial setup requires a fixed header bar which stays on top of the page using basic CSS properties.

    08/12 0
  • This business template is suited for a corporate, advertising, media, design, hosting, it company, agency, studio etc. but it can easily be used for a personal page or a portfolio. Having a modern, clean one page design with many customisation possibilities.

    08/12 0
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